El Captan Frigate Kentuila Blanco

El Captan Frigate Kentuila Blanco


Kentuila is a 100% Blue Agave spirit!

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El Captan Frigate Kentuila

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Kentuila is a 100% Blue Agave spirit first distilled by Captain Betran Arsenio S’abas (1753-1835) of the Imperial Navy of the Allied New World Countries. Captan S’abas learned the art of distilling from Commodore Boraslav Aleksander S’otit of the Swiss-Romanian Navy.

Captan S’abas began distilling Agave spirits to counter the monopoly granted his rival, the Marquis De Altimara was secretly the pirate Morgrane, who had been capturing ships laden with Captain S’ Abas Agave distilled spirits and the Vodka and Rum supplied by Commodore Borsaslva Aleksander S’otit and the privateer Captain Bonny. S’otit, S’abas and Bonny’s vessels finally engaged the fleet of Captain Morgrane and he was never heard from again.

The secret of El Captan’s Kentuila was passed down through generations of the S’abas family but was somehow lost. The recipe for Kentuila was rediscovered sewn into the liner of an old coat purchased in a Kentucky antique store. And the story continues…

The seven years war (1756-63) marked the definite adoption of the term Frigate for a class of vessel that was smaller than the three-decked ship of the line but was still capable of considerable firepower.

Distilled from Blue Agave and bottled by Glenns Creek Distilling.

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