S’otit Special Family Reserve Vodka

S’otit Special Family Reserve Vodka




S’otit Special Family Reserve Vodka

At the request of one of our favorite guests we have added S’otit Vodka to the GCD Vault!

Our 100 proof nearly ZERO taste Vodka is available on-line.

Commodore Boraslav Aleksander S’otit wanted a near tasteless alcoholic beverage for his sailors to replace more expensive rum and limit dependence on water – which tended to go bad on long voyages.

S’otit Vodka is distilled in Romanian copper and gold stills that were hand crafted by the Commodore himself. Glenns Creek Distillery was entrusted to make this pure, nearly tasteless distilled spirit because the family felt that it must be made by truly tasteless distillers. We fit that description and wear the title with pride.

Remember that being tasteless doesn’t mean being classless, so enjoy S’otit Vodka responsibly.

Distilled from grain.

Bottled by Glenns Creek Distillery.

This product is available for purchase on line, to be stored in the GCD Vault UNTIL you pick it up at the Distillery. NO SHIPPING ON THIS PRODUCT.