Craft With Us


The Bourbon Barrel Experience™

Glenns Creek Distilling was born from individual creativity, and a spirit of making things. We are offering an opportunity to use YOUR creativity to craft your own bourbon  with our 10 gallon Bourbon Barrel Experience™.

Here’s how it works:

  • Develop your own Bourbon mash bill (within limits of available grains). Our experts will provide guidance on creating your mash bill and will be with you every step of the process.
  • Cook your own Bourbon mash bill using the same high quality grains we use to craft our single barrel, barrel strength Bourbons.
  • Ferment your own mash bill with our OCD #5 yeast captured from the #5 fermenter here at our distillery.
  • Participate in the distilling process and pour your spirit into your barrel (and sign the barrel).
  • Age your bourbon alongside ours in a new 10 gallon, high quality, charred American White Oak barrel. Standard 2 year aging included. Additional aging available.
  • Create your individual front label using our approved label template, with a back story that you can personalize.
  • Bottle your aged Bourbon in our popular bottle using our standard black stopper and shrink wrap top to seal in the delicious goodness.
  • Yield typically 40- 750ml bottles after aging 2 years.* (Beyond 2 years aging the Angel’s Share may reduce the number of bottles.)
  • You take home the empty barrel too!
  • Total cost $2,850.00.  An amazingly low price for your own private label handcrafted Bourbon!
  • Due to the unique nature of this program production dates are extremely limited. Production dates are offered on a first come basis, scheduling and reservation required.
  • 50% reservation fee is required to secure date, grains, barrel and bottling supplies. This non-refundable fee allows for 1 rescheduling date.

*Barrels may develop leaks. We make efforts to repair any leaks, but there is NO GUARANTEE regarding the final yield.

CONTACT: John T. Kemper at for information or to reserve your production date.