Coming Fall 2020 –  Cuervito Vivo Bourbon and Millville Malt Whiskey!

We have been working hard over the last year or so on reproducing the mash bill of a once top shelf Bourbon.  We believe we finally have it down! The next step was to see how close our little pot stills could get to replicating the distillate which originally flowed from a 48 foot tall, 7 foot in diameter continuous column still.  The “white dog”, “new make” or “entry” as the distillate was called in various operations seems to be darn close to the gold standard we were aiming to duplicate.  If the “entry”, as it was called here at the old distillery is good, the barrel will only make it better!  So, now we wait to see if we have achieved the goal of replicating a lost top shelf Bourbon! We have coined it Cuervito Vivo!

Cuervito Vivo is our newest Bourbon, another barrel strength, single barrel nano batch Bourbon. Our vision for this Bourbon was to recreate the top shelf Bourbon once produced on the grounds we operate on today.  We had the benefit of the insight of the last supervisor to manage this distillery. His nose has been the guiding light so to speak for the rebirth of this once mighty Bourbon. Our thanks go out to Bob for his friendship, and enthusiasm for great high quality no nonsense Bourbon.

Millville Malt, a malt whiskey, bottled at barrel strength, single barrel pot distilled with a light hint of peat.  We named this creation in honor of the community which has been the home of great distilleries for almost 2 centuries! We are proud members of the Millville community and represent the values which make this region unique.

Coming Fall 2021 –  A-maizing COB #5 Bourbon and Swheat Bourbon!

A-maizing COB #5 Bourbon handcraft by The Lone Grainger! Corn ONLY Bourbon smooth, sweet single barrel of course barrel strength.

Swheat Bourbon a sweet wheated Bourbon, single barrel and barrel strength!

Watch our Facebook and Instagram pages for release dates on each of these new offerings in 2019!

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